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Asset Protection, The Planby Scott Einiger, Esq.

Category: Asset Protection

As risk management counsel to one of the largest malpractice carriers in the US for over 15 years, and currently as general counsel to various medical societies, I have heard countless physicians express their fear of litigation and concern about rising verdicts in the malpractice arena. The potential for malpractice

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Are you an Authorized Provider?by Scott Einiger, Esq.

Category: Office Based Surgery, Scott Einiger

Are you an Authorized Provider of an Office Based Surgery Accredited Facility? I Background Private practices that perform office-based surgery (OBS) as defined by PHL § 230-d must be accredited by one of the DOH designated accrediting agencies. (Joint Commission, AAAASF or AAAHC) Multiple aspects of practices seeking to provide

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For New York Doctorsby Scott Einiger, Esq.

Category: E-book, Scott Einiger

The NYCMS is dedicated to making it members’ practices more structurally sound and financially efficient, especially in these challenging times for physicians. In an environment of decreasing reimbursements, increasing compliance and practice overhead costs, physicians need to employ best practices to reach higher levels of financial success. Not only is

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Identity Theft Preventionby Scott Einiger, Esq.

Category: Identity Theft, Scott Einiger

The Federal Trade Commission promulgated regulations which require financial institutions to develop and implement a written Identity Theft Prevention Program (by May 1, 2009) in order to detect, prevent and mitigate medical identity theft. The FTC has taken the position that health care providers (physicians, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.) are

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Billing Disputes with Managed Care Organizationsby Scott Einiger, Esq.

Category: Insurance, Scott Einiger

Billing Disputes With Managed Care Organizations–How To Avoid Scrutiny I. INTRODUCTION As most physicians know, governmental agencies have heightened scrutiny and emphasis on health care fraud and abuse. The Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) has instructed Medicare carriers to focus their efforts on where there may be significant, potential abuse.

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Limiting Professional Liabilityby Scott Einiger, Esq.

Category: Medical Malpractice, Scott Einiger

Limiting Professional Liability in Third Party Examinations By following a few simple rules physicians in New York who perform examinations at the request of a third party (such as an Insurance Company, Employer or Workers Compensation Board) can greatly reduce Professional Liability exposure to the individual examined. Such examination does

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New Law, New Liability, New Economicsby Scott Einiger, Esq.

Category: Office Based Surgery, Scott Einiger

Office-Based Surgery: New Law, New Liability, New Economics The recent amendment of Subsection 48 to New York Education Law, Section 6530 and Section 230-d to the Public Health Law will likely have far ranging implications to physicians 1 who perform office-based surgery 2 The new law requires accreditation on or

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Advice for Young Physiciansby Scott Einiger, Esq.

Category: Corporate Practice of Medicine, Scott Einiger

Physician Employment Agreements: General Advice for Young Physicians As a young physician going into private practice, one of the first and most important decisions you will make is selecting a professional affiliation with another physician, group practice or hospital. This decision will have far-reaching effects and may likely shape the

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Are You Structured for Office Based Surgery?by Scott Einiger, Esq.

Category: Office Based Surgery, Scott Einiger

The ability to perform office-based surgery is extremely valuable, not only from a financial standpoint, but from a patient care standpoint as well. By cutting the hospital out of the equation, money is saved by the patient, by the doctor and even by the insurance company. Perhaps more importantly, it

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Asset Protectionby Scott Einiger, Esq.

Category: Asset Protection, Scott Einiger

Asset Protection-It’s all about the PLAN If you would like more information about this topic or any other topic contact Scott Einiger Fear of litigation and rising verdicts is cause for concern for any individual interested in protecting substantial business or personal assets. Physicians and dentists are certainly two groups

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